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    Gimme a few days to watch them. I'm low on data until Thursday
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    Sorry it took so long. Good songs. They need more good stuff like this coming out these days
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    I'm not a big rap/hip-hop listener, but this is good shit, and Snoop Dogg's (brief) appearance is just the best.
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    I always dug De La Soul.
    Good stuff.
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    Heard this on Thursday (TBT), but haven't had the time to post.

    OK, here's the story. Thursday was our 1st community band rehearsal of 2017. We pulled-out a piece we last played a year ago (Pinball Wizard - cheesy, I know), which has a drum set accompaniment. Well a year ago, a friend and big man in the community (named Aaron) played the drum set. He had played in a band at Harvard with Tom Morello, he was good. He owned the most successful Subaru dealership in the region. He traveled with billionaire car dealer mogul/ philanthropist/ guitar front-man Ernie Boch Jr.

    Aaron died of cancer last fall. It was unexpectedly emotional for me to play this arrangement on Thursday, that had featured Aaron. After rehearsal, I got into my car, and this was playing on the radio. The combination of the drum groove, and the fact it was another important person we lost last year, made it feel intensely special.

    David Bowie - Stay
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    I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

    That's a great tune. Slick is a great guitar player.
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    Thanks. This was made when Morello toured with the E-Street band. My friend's the one on the right.

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    Cool song.

    Sorry about your friend. Cancer sucks
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    Now that Scotch Sampler has made it through an entire calendar year, I'd like to present "Scotch's favorite Samplers of 2016". I've selected some of my favorite songs and musicians, while excluding the performers that were covered in previous posts. Here I highlight the most interesting music I enjoyed during the year. There's a lot of other great stuff out there, but I can't include them all. Let's get started.

    Blackstar was Bowie’s final album. The video is disturbing, but it’s clear that he embraced his fate.

    David Bowie – Lazarus

    Banks & Steelz is a collaboration between Interpol front-man Paul Banks and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA. Their album “Anything But Words” contains this hit.

    Banks & Steelz – Giant

    The talented Regina Spektor’s new album is “Remember Us to Life”. Here’s one of the hit singles.

    Regina Spektor – Small Bill$

    Hamilton Leithauser+Rostam is Hamilton Leithauser (the former frontman of The Walkmen) and Rostam Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend. Their album “I Had a Dream That You Were Mine” was led by the single “A 1000 Times”, which the radio stations literally played a thousand times, and the song repeats the title lyrics about a thousand times as well. So, I’m really sick of that song. But I like this one, which was used in an iPhone 7 ad.

    Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – In a Blackout

    Phish put out a new studio album in 2016 named “Big Boat”. This song got a lot of radio play. It’s about the end of the world.

    Phish – Breath & Burning
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    Here's the 2nd half of my picks.

    The Record Company is a roots rock band that hit it big in 2016, first with “Off The Ground”, then with “Rita Mae Young”. Here’s the song that put them on the map.

    The Record Company – Off The Ground

    Prince’s final album was “HitnRun Phase Two”. The song “Stare” was released on Spotify in September 2015, but the single charted on the radio in 2016. This is a reduced-quality version; the real one is only available on Spotify.

    Prince – Stare

    Sylvan Esso is an awesome electronica duo, whose first album contained several charting songs. Their next album isn’t out yet, but they released the single “Radio” way ahead of that. It’s their biggest hit to date.

    Sylvan Esso - Radio

    Temples is a British psych rock band that has had some success since 2012. This single is from their upcoming album. It’s got a “Legend of Zelda” sound.

    Temples – Certainty

    Acclaimed artist PJ Harvey put out a new album in 2016, “The Hope Six Demolition Project”. Here’s the hit from that album, “The Wheel”.

    PJ Harvey – The Wheel
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    Dig (x2)
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    This is good, but for me, most everything after Blue Jeans, has been unheard
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    This is some good shit. A lot of the new music on AltNation has been putting me to sleep
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    Awesome song

    Not bad. A little sleepy, but not bad


    Quite honestly, maybe the first whole Phish song I've ever listened to. It's pretty good

    I'll try and do the second part tomorrow
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    huh, i had no idea that was getting radio play. i would have thought "more" would have been the single. it's a similar theme and some fans have put together a moving video to it.

    "in a world gone mad there must be something more than this."

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    I forgot to mention the "Fly Like an Eagle" sampling also, which is cool.

    As for AltNation, I notice that music labeled as "alternative" (are you reading this memebag?) goes through cycles. Currently, it's heavy on dance & electronica. In the past, it's been heavy on grunge, punk, emo, or industrial.
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    That's a good song, but I haven't come across it yet. Sometimes, they release songs to radio in a serial fashion, like one every 3 months, to keep up interest in the album.

    I don't imagine there were many Trump/Pence supporters who worked on that video.
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    For TBT, I'm going just a little bit back, to showcase a song from each of the great Jack White's two solo albums. Both songs feature great lyrics.

    Jack White – Love Interruption (from Blunderbuss-2012)

    Jack White – Just One Drink (from Lazaretto-2014)
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    Thy guy kind of annoys me, but he writes a pretty good bit of music.
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    He's a great talent, but yes, I can only handle some of what he does. His more focused and polished work appeals to me, including The Raconteurs, but his more out-of-control stuff can be annoying.
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